What to Look For in a Dog Boarding Kennel

What to Look For in a Dog Boarding KennelWhether you’re planning a vacation or need to board your dog for an emergency, it is crucial to choose the dog boarding kennel that will best consider your dog’s needs. With so many different dog boarding kennels out there, unfortunately, the process can feel overwhelming when trying to find the one that will best meet your expectations and fit your budget requirements.

Here are some of our tips that will help you know what to look for in a dog boarding kennel! These tips will ensure that your dog ends up in the best dog boarding kennel around. Nobody likes time away from their furry friend but taking the time to do your research and find the right dog kennel for your pup will save you all that stress of worrying!

Ask Your Friends

As a dog parent, you likely know other pet parents in your area- maybe they’re even your friends! If that’s the case, you have a wealth of knowledge right in front of you that you can use to narrow down your choices.

Ask around at your local dog park and see who your friends trust to board their dogs when they’re on vacation. The chances are high that if they’ve had a good experience, you will too.

Know the Differences in Types of Kennels

Before you book your dog’s stay at a local dog kennel, it can be helpful to know the differences in types of enclosures. Take your dog’s personality and unique needs into consideration and do your thorough research to identify the different types of dog kennels available in your area.

Gone are the days where a room full of basic dog cages was considered the best you could get in dog kennels. Today, there are several different types of kennels- even luxury dog boarding kennels! If you want your pup to be pampered endlessly during the entire length of their stay, find a luxury dog kennel. If your dog doesn’t require all of the bells and whistles, a more standard dog boarding kennel may be more cost-effective.

Make Sure Emergency Vet Services Are Available

The best dog boarding kennels know the importance of safety. If you’re checking out a dog boarding kennel near you and notice that they don’t have an emergency vet on hand in case of unforeseen occurrences, you should likely look elsewhere.

Plenty of Things to Keep Your Pup Busy

Lastly, no dog boarding kennel is complete without plenty of things for your pup to do. Make sure your chosen dog kennel has a wide variety of dog toys in supply and make sure that they will have plenty of room to play.

Your dog will miss you just as much as you miss them and lots of opportunity for play and exercise is an excellent way for them to distract themselves and relieve some of that stress. Ask your dog boarding kennel specific questions about their provided play schedule before booking a stay for your dog.

Woodland West Pet Resort: The Best in Dog Boarding Kennel in Tulsa

Does your furry friend needs a place to stay while you’re out of town? Look no further than Woodland West Pet Resort in Tulsa, OK! We’ll be happy to take them in and show them a great time until you get back.

Give us a call or stop by today and take a look! We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and are looking forward to meeting your pup!

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