Option includes 14 consecutive days of boarding/training, a detailed report card at pick up and a private one-on-one with the trainer following. Your pup would be put on an intense working schedule that includes a minimum of 1 hour of work per day as well as proper daily exercise.

Sit, down, wait/stay, come and heel are basic commands that are covered during a basic obedience bootcamp. Self-control is a huge focus throughout the entire stay; NO jumping and loose leash walking are included within this area.

‘Puppy’ Bootcamps are scheduled on dates that include TWO Thursday’s; this being so not only do they get daily individual training, but they get to join in on Puppy Pre-K twice while here! Dogs older than 6 months will get 2 hound high classes included in their bootcamp.

Bootcamp starts at $800

Bootcamp with the Head Trainer Abby starts at $1,000

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