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Hey, Hobbes here. I love going to Doggie Daycare at Woodland West Pet Resort. Although I don’t really understand calendars, I always know when it’s the night before Daycare. I get so excited that I check in with my people every few hours overnight to see if it’s time to go yet.

They tell me that I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve … but I don’t understand that. I wonder if it’s the same thing as my sister Callie when someone says “food?”

When it’s finally time to go to “school” in the morning, I make sure to tell my people. I’m usually hopping and prancing when they finally get my leash. Although I try to keep my excitement contained, I can’t help but start talking in the car when I recognize the road we’re on.

When we get out of the car, my people are usually pretty slow when they walk. Even though I have good manners, I try to help them by pulling them along to get them to go a little faster.

The best part about Daycare is getting to run around with all my friends. We have so much fun getting in the pool and chasing each other. I just have a little pool at home so I really like playing in the big one here.

Most of the time Daycare has someone there taking pictures, too. I know my people like seeing pictures of me (that’s why there are so many of me around the house) so I try to pose with my friends when I can … but it’s hard to sit still because I’m so excited.

My people also say they can see me sometimes on the webcam but that it’s not always working. They joke about putting a GoPro on me and sending me to school. I’m not sure what that is but that sort of sounds fun.

I’m so tired by the end of the day that I usually just put myself to bed after dinner. Maybe when I was two years old I could recover faster, but now that I’m three I sometimes need extra naps for two days after Daycare.
~Matt Primm

This is the perfect place to board your dog and I could not have been more pleased. I have an older dog requiring special care and attention. He was at Woodland West for 5-days. When I picked him up, he look and acted more healthy than when I dropped him off. I even got emails while I was traveling letting me know that my dog was doing well. Nice to see great service! -Mark Westby

I am so happy to have found Woodland West. The more I learned about this place and the services they offered, the more I wanted my little guy to experience it. I work long, hectic hours and I hate leaving him alone, some times all day. They are open 7 days a week, every day of the year! I think the Doggy Day camp has really helped him not only come out of his shell a little bit, but also with some discipline problems we were having. I will certainly recommend you guys. ~abigailsmitten

Yeah this place rocks. Its the best place to have your pet boarded. It is really a great place to keep your dog. It is affordable and clean. They have a number of kennels to choose from and the staff is awesome! ~kerriz66

GREAT facility with a staff that is tops. GREAT facility with a staff that is tops. If you ask for your dog to get Cheerios for breakfast, they will do it! It’s all about your pet. They actually even have classes from time to time for people wanting to know how to really teach their dog commands. Oh yeah, they board cats too — & birds, rabbits & other stuff. Did I mention the wonderful staff? They couldn’t be nicer or more eager to please you OR your pet! And … they have video cams so you see your pet even when you are on vacation. ~AnitaNordellp503

Good job. In regards to the facility, the entire staff is friendly and only want the best for your dog. There are a variety of kennels to choose from and an excellent play area. ~kaauwai5

Best Pet Services around!. I love this place! The groomers do an excellent job grooming my dog; they all do such amazing work. Plus my baby wasn’t stressed at the end of her appointments. The people up front are always helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I will continue to recommend Woodland West. ~carrie4them

By Cherry Danish, 1/13/14
Everything was above and beyond, could not have asked for better, they cared for the babies as if they were their own AAA+ rating in my opinion.