Doggie Daycare

Daycare Requirements

Up to date on all vaccinations (just like a daycare center, however, no vaccine is 100% effective in humans or animals. )

Dogs must be over 4 months old (16 weeks) of age

If dogs are over 6 months or older they are required to be spayed or neutered

ALL dogs must pass temperament test

 Dogs must be dropped off by 11 a.m.

Our Amenities

Bone-shaped swimming pool, kiddie pools and fountains

Jungle gyms and playground equipment

Over 20,000 sqft of Indoor and Outdoor facilities

Live 24/7 webcams


Big Dog Daycare: 25lbs or more

Little Dog Daycare: 25lbs or less

Drop-off is 7am-11am

required vaccines


Bordetella (Kennel Cough) within the last 6 months, and required to be up-to-date at the time of service.

Canine Influenza

Updated every 12 months and required to be up-to-date at the time of service.

Yearly shots

Rabies, DHPP, Lepto and negative fecal. These are the yearly shots distributed at the vet, and they are required to be up-to-date at the time of service.

Flea and tick prevention

We require all dogs be up-top-date on a flea and tick prevention at the time of service.


Temperament tests are an appointment only drop-off service administered at Woodland West Pet Resort any day of the week from 7am-9am and must be schdueled ahead of time. DOGS MUST BE HERE BY 9 A.M. ON SCHEDULED TEMP TEST DAY!


Half Day: 4 hours or less – $18

Full Day: 4 hours or more – $25

Temperament Test: FREE (appointment only)

Packages: $220 (available after 30 days of enrollment)

* During holiday seasons there’s a $2 increase for Doggy Daycare*

FAQs for Daycare

Must check in by 11 A.M. (9 A.M. for temperment tests)


Fully vaccinated including: Rabies, DHPP, Lepto, Bordetella (within 6 months), Canine Influenza and Negative fecal.

We require current vaccination history on all of our daycampers.

(see FAQs page for more info on vaccines)


Dogs must be over 4 months (16 weeks) of age

Spayed or Neutered

If dogs are 6 months or older they are required to be spayed or neutered 

Temperament Test

ALL dogs must pass a temperment test (administered 7 a.m.- 9 a.m., 7 days a week). Dogs MUST be dropped off by 9 a.m. on the day of their temperment test.

Doggie Daycare is not for dogs with social difficulties, but we do offer socialization and behavior training (see training page for more info).

Drop-off & Pick-up time?

Dogs MUST be dropped off by 11 a.m. (permitted they have passed a temperment test) for them to attened daycare for the day, if they are dropped off after 11 a.m. they will be placed in dayboarding!

Dogs can be picked up at any time before 8 p.m., if the dog is getting a temperment test then they must be here for a minimum of 4 hours.

Things to keep in mind

Half days are recommended for puppies and elderly dogs. There is a lost of stimulation and activity going on during daycare and it can be a bit much for those age groups.

Similar to children, dogs can play too hard or too rough. Since they use their paws and mouths instead of hands and feet, there may be an occasional scratch or bruise from rough-housing. This should be expected just as in a daycare situation and will be the responsibility of the dog’s family. The majority of all incidents can be attributed to rough play, not aggression, any antagonisitc dog is immediately put into time-out.

Daycare isn’t for every dog, just as certain social situations aren’t for every person. Our daycare staff is trained to notice certain behaviors and signs that indicate rather a dog enjoys the setting or not.




M-F: 7am - 8pm
Sat & Sun: 7am - 8pm

*Holidays may affect hours*


9400 S. Union Ave
Tulsa, OK  74132