More than Just Pretty Paws: What You Didn’t Know About Nail Trims

More than Just Pretty Paws What You Didn't Know About Nail TrimsWe all love to treat our pets to a “day at the spa” where they can get a clean and fresh haircut. But did you know that some grooming services are more than just for looks and are important to maintaining your pet’s health? Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed is essential to keeping your pet comfortable and preventing potential infection caused by overgrown nails.

When nails grow past a healthy length, they eventually make it hard for your pet to walk, and you run the risk of your pet’s nail beds becoming infected (particularly true for dewclaws).

When overgrown nails become uncomfortable, some pets will try to chew on their paws, essentially biting their nails. This can be harmful to your pet and can easily land you a trip to the emergency room. To avoid a costly veterinary visit or potentially infected nail beds, it’s always best to keep your pet’s nails trimmed. While this sounds like an easy task to do yourself, it can be a difficult task for some.

If you are apprehensive about trimming your pet’s nails yourself, always seek professional help to keep yourself and your pet safe. Animals can sense if you are nervous, and it makes them nervous, too. Your pet should always be as relaxed and as comfortable as possible during the nail trim to help keep him safe, as well as the person performing the nail trim.

What is the Quick?

The “quick” is a blood vessel inside the nail that can cause a considerable amount of bleeding if it is nicked. In animals with light or clear colored nails (cats and many dog breeds), you can usually see the quick easily and avoid cutting into the blood vessel. However, for dogs with darker colored nails, it is much harder to locate the quick and avoid snipping it.

Some animals have longer quicks than others, so a one size fits all approach to nail trimming does not always work. Here at Woodland West Pet Resort, we keep a variety of tools on hand to best fit the needs of each of our guests and take great care when it comes to performing nail trims. Our highly skilled staff are well trained in performing nail trims and will keep your pet safe throughout the trimming.

My pet is nervous about nail trims. How can I help him be more comfortable?

We take great pride in keeping your pet safe and comfortable at our resort, but there are a few things you can do to help prepare your furry friend for his nail trim.

1. Start trimming your pet’s nails at a young age. If you have an older pet, it’s never too late to start. However, it is always best to start familiarizing your pet with nail trims at a young age. As he grows older, he will practically be a professional!

2. Massage your pet’s paws frequently. Animals have nerve receptors in their paws that protect them while walking. By massaging your pet’s paws frequently, you can help establish a positive relationship with the touch of a human hand on his paw. This helps your pet be less apprehensive during his nail trim.

3. Let us know of any special needs your pet may have. If he is afraid of men, we can make sure a woman is performing his nail trim. If he has recently recovered from a surgery, we will be sure to be extra gentle around the affected area. Our staff will take note of any significant responses your pet may have to the nail trim and be sure to adapt to make him comfortable. The more background information we have, the better we can respond.

4. Establish a sense of excitement when coming to our resort. While nail trims would ideally be done in the comfort of your own home, we understand that this isn’t always possible. We will take the extra time and care your pet needs to feel at home once he walks through our doors. Be sure to give him a special treat before and after your visit as well to further help him associate our resort with comfort.

5. Be patient. Understanding that your pet may have anxiety about nail trims can go a long way. Remember that your pet may have had traumatic experiences in his past with nail trims, and continue working on establishing a positive association with them.

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