Is a regularly groomed dog a happier and healthier dog?
We at Woodland West think so!

Besides the pleasing look of a freshly-groomed dog, professional grooming offers dog owners helping hands in maintaining the health of their beloved animal. While providing grooming services, our professional groomer examines pets from nose to tail that way they can alert the owner of any potential problems.

Grooming Services: 
All pets bathed or groomed  by our  professional stylist receive:

  • a massaging bubble bath (facial included)
  • ear cleaning
  • manicure (nail color extra)
  • anal glands expressed

Pets are blown dry, brushed, sprayed with designer perfume, and topped with bows and a bandanna.

Before and After pictures of one of our satisfied clients.

Meet Our Groomers!


I’m Harmony! I’ve been grooming for about 15 years, and I’ve been with Woodland West for 10. To me, the best part about my job is being able to love on the dogs all day long. I would have to say my favorite breed is either an Italian Greyhound or a Golden Retriever. Something I really enjoy doing outside of work is spending time with my family!


Hi, I’m Amy! I’ve been grooming for 18 years, and I’ve been with Woodland West for 14 of them. My favorite part about this job is getting to make all the pups look like cute little fur babies! If I had to pick a favorite breed it would be a Schnauzer. And if you’re wondering how I’ve been grooming so long it’s because I absolutely LOVE what I do.


I’m Brittny! I’ve been grooming for 12 years, and I’ve been with Woodland West for 11 months now. What I love most about my job is getting to know all the pets and their owners. My favorite breed of dog is a Great Dane. When I’m not here grooming fur babies, I like to draw and spend time outdoors!


I’m Morgan! I’ve been grooming for 11 years, and I’ve officially been with Woodland West for 4 months. I love working with animals and helping to uncover the inner beauty of each pet and making it visible on the outside. My favorite breed(s) are Papillon or a Shetland Sheepdog. A fun fact about me is I actually used to be a volunteer firefighter!










Hey, I’m Tiffany! I’ve been grooming dogs for 14 years and I’ve actually gotten the opportunity to groom at all of the facilities we have for over 10 years. My favorite part of this job is, of course, the animals. My favorite kind of dogs are the dogs with special needs.