Daycare park entrance from Kent David Clark on Vimeo.

Check in by 11AM for Daycare

Are you a busy pet parent and you don’t want to leave your canine companion at home all day, alone on the couch? We all know that pets need the stimulation of being with people & interaction with society…or with fellow canines. Some activities include:

  1. Bubble Machine
  2. “Yap” snacks
  3. Hours of interactive playtime
  4. Naptime with soft music
  5. Large fenced dog park for romping and playing
  6. Pools for cooling off!
  7. Special Summer & Winter Activities

So… can Doggie Day Camp be safe?   The best way to describe our day camp is similar to a human Day Care Center.   We require a current vaccination history on all of our campers, just like a daycare center, however, no vaccine is 100% effective in humans or animals.  Vaccines generally minimize symptoms of viruses, reduce the duration of symptoms and in many cases will stop any symptoms at all.

Also similar to children, dogs can play too hard or too rough.  Because they use their paws and mouths instead of hands and feet, there may be an occasional scratch or bruise from roughhousing.  This should be expected just as in a daycare situation and will be the responsibility of the dog’s family; however, the majority of all accidents can be attributed only to rough play, not aggression and any antagonistic dog is put immediately into Time-Out!