Special ServicesPlay Times: One on one attention with one of our kennel technicians for 15 minutes. This also gives them an extra time outside if needed. $6.00 per playtime.

We also offer additional potty breaks for 15 minutes for $4.00 per session

Moonlight: Potty break in the moonlight between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. $4.00 per night

Pampered Pet: Includes 2 extra play times and morning and evening treats. $9.00 per night per dog

Gourmet Meals: Boiled chicken and rice or boiled chicken and noodles $3.00 per meal per day

Treats: Forgot your treats?  10 Milk Bones for $2.00

Early Drop off( before 7:00 a.m.): by appointment ONLY. $26.00 per owner

Late Pick up( after 8:00 p.m.):  by appointment ONLY $26.00 per owner

Medications: $4.00 per pet per day

Insulin Injections: $11.00 per day added on to kennel fee

Doggie Daycare– please click here for information

Special Care: Have an older dog that is on medications or a special diet? We now have a Special Care Unit. This is for the older dogs or special need dogs. In here they are taken out at least 5 times a day(including a moonlight), have extra bedding and all medication and special food is included in the price.

0-20 lbs:$28.00 per night per dog

21-50lbs: $30.00 per night per dog

51-100 Lbs $32.00 per night

Additional charges may apply for Special circumstances please inquire with receptionist.