AmenitiesAll belongings will be marked with your pets name. We are not responsible for belongings left over 30 days.

Toys– We ask that you limit the amount of toys you bring and that all toys are labeled with your pets name.

Chew bones– While the dogs are in the kennel they stay pretty busy in between playtimes and going out for potty breaks, so they may not chew on the bones as much as if they were at home.

Bedding is provided to all of our guests, we do recommend to use ours, as we wash our bedding daily to keep all the kennels disinfected. If you choose to bring your own we ask that is labeled and washable (can fit in a standard size washer). They can get their bedding dirty just from going outside so we will need to be able to wash it. Some dogs will often shred bedding while boarding, we will (for the dog’s safety) remove all bedding from their kennel.

Treats– Please feel free to bring treats for your dog while boarding. There is no extra charge for bringing them and it may also help us if they have problems eating while boarding.