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Do you guys set up appointments for facility tours?

No! Just give us a call to let us know when you’re coming in so we can ensure we have a tech available!

What is a Bordetella vaccine?

It is a vaccine given to aid in the prevention of “Kennel Cough”, the most prevalent upper respiratory problem in dogs in the U.S.

The condition is also known as tracheobronchitis, canine infectious tracheobronchitis, Bordetellosis, or Bordetella. It is highly contagious in dogs. 

Why is the Bordetella Vaccine given every 6 months?

It's recommended to be given every 6 months if your dog is ever exposed to other dogs. If your dog is groomed, boarded, walked among other dogs or you take him/her to a public dog park, you run a higher risk of exposure.

My dog is coughing after boarding but he is vaccinated, why would this happen?
Unfortunately as hard as we try to prevent it , it can still happen . K9 cough is an airborne virus and can be spread through the air. Dogs can carry this with out showing signs or symptoms and still spread it to other dogs.
This is one reason we require the vaccine every 6 months to keep the dogs immune system up. Just like other vaccines it is not 100% effective and they can still pick it up. It does help lessen the symptoms and they tend to get over it more quickly.
We encourage all owners to call us if your dog is showing any signs or symptoms after boarding.
We also encourage all clients to keep any pets home from daycare, training, boarding or grooming if they are showing any symptoms at all.
Are my dogs ever with other dogs?

All of our guests are in separate accommodations unless otherwise requested.

Doggy Day Camp is available for all of our boarding dogs if they pass our temperment test.

My dog came home with diarrhea or loose stool, is this normal?

It can be. The excitement of boarding combined with the amount of exercise the dogs receive while with us can cause this issue, along with just the normal amount of stress from not being at home.

If for some reason it does not clear up within a day or two , give us a call and we would be happy to help and as always if there is excessive amount or blood in the stool give us a call right away. 


Do dogs need to be spayed/neutered to board?

No! We don’t require boarding dogs to socialize so as long as the pup isn’t attending daycare then they don’t need to be spayed/neutered.

My dog doesn’t like other dogs, can they still board?

Absolutely! Socialization isn’t mandatory for our boarders so they can remain stress free and enjoy their own company during their stay.

Can I board multiple dogs?

Yes, we offer multi dog discounts! The prices varied based on kennel type. Please visit the boarding page to see the prices.

Can we bring our own food?

Of course! We have a storage fee of $1 per day per dog. If you’d rather use our food, we feed Hill’s Science Diet and Sensitive Stomach for all boarders.

Can I bring my dog’s bed?

Due to our laundry policy, we don’t allow personal beds during boarding. We have plenty of fluffy blankets, beds and toys! That way you don’t run the risk that your pet’s belongings are misplaced. If you would like to bring something with your scent, you can bring a t-shirt or stuffed toys.

When my dog stays in an indoor kennel does it get to go outside?

Absolutely! All dogs are taken outside to the turf play yards 4 times daily for about 30 minutes each, depending on weather and temperament. Additional times out can be requested for an extra cost.

My dog came home thirsty, do you leave water out at all times?

All of our guests have clean fresh water available 100% of the time. Some guests may go home and drink more than normal just from the excitement of you coming and picking up and going home, this is not uncommon at all. 


Why does my dog have to spayed or neutered to go to daycare?

In addition to the benefits of not having heat periods and unwanted offspring, most pets become less aggressive toward people and other animals. The neutered male dog is also less likely to roam, mark territory, and display aggression toward other dogs. Unspayed female dogs can often, unwittingly, inspire aggression in males, neutered or not.

How long is daycare?

A full day of daycare is $25

A half day of daycare is $18

Do you do daycare packages?

We do! Our package is 12 days $220 for 12 days of daycare, that is an $80 discount.


Do dogs need to be spayed/neutered to train?

We don’t require training dogs be spayed or neutered to attend Woodland University!





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