Pat Crowl – Pet Care Technician

Meet Our Pet Care Staff

Personal Profile:

Pat Crowl has been with the Pet Resort for 17 years. An ever present figure with 2 grand babies and a heart bigger than Texas, you can see Pat is a sucker for all things furry especially Rottweilers and Dachshunds. Pat has many dogs, too many to list.

Special Interests:
Relaxing with her pack!

LaTeisha Martinez- Team Lead and Equine Manager

Meet Our Pet Care Staff

LaTeisha has been a member of our staff since November 2010 and we’d be lost without her! In between managing our equine center, LaTeisha works as a kennel technician, daycare technician, CSR, and our Facebook admin and photographer.  She has four dogs, a sassy Pembroke Corgi named Sissy, a lab named Abbey and a sweet German Shepherd named Allie and a cute Lab mix named Peanut. She also has three cats and multiple aquariums! LaTeisha is a mother of two beautiful girls who are 8 and 9 years old. LaTeisha enjoys spending time with her family.

Ellen Clupper- Customer Service Representative, Kennel Technician and weekend supervisor

Meet Our Pet Care Staff

Ellen has been with the Woodland family since 2004. She began working as a kennel technician and moved to weekend supervisor in 2008 while attending college. She has a pit bull named Shiah, who NEVER gets tired of playing ball!  She plans on finishing her pre-veterinarian science degree in the fall and hopes to apply to OSU veterinary medicine program following graduation.