Pat – Pet Care Technician

Meet Our Pet Care Staff

Personal Profile:

Pat Crowl has been with the Pet Resort for over 20 years. An ever-present figure with 2 grandbabies and a heart bigger than Texas, you can see Pat is a sucker for all things furry especially Rottweilers, Chihuahuas, and Dachshunds. Pat also has a variety of animals including a Donkey named red

Special Interests:
Relaxing with her pack and watching criminal minds

LaTeisha- Team Lead and Equine Manager

Meet Our Pet Care Staff

LaTeisha has been a member of our pack since November 2010. In between managing our equine center, LaTeisha works as a daycare technician, CSR, and photographer.  She has three dogs Sissy, Sydney, and Benny. She also has three cats and multiple aquariums! LaTeisha is a mother of two beautiful girls. LaTeisha enjoys spending time with her family.

Lacy- Receptionist/ Pet Care Technician 

Lacy joined our pack in 2011 and took a break from the pet resort in 2012 to serve our country in the United States Marine Corps. Lacy returned in 2015 and has been a fantastic receptionist and advocater of good pet care! Lacy enjoys fishing and hanging out with her 3 dogs Della: A brindle mastiff who is “her everything”, Toast: a Malinois who she described as her “problem child”, and Bear: her new husky heeler mix!

Sativa- Pet Care Technician/ Equine Attendant

Sativa has been with the Pet Resort since June of 2017 and has been one of our most dependable pack members.

She has 2 dogs: Sissy and Gypsey. 2 cats: Fatty and Haze, 3 horses: Diamond, Cali, and Medley.

In Sativa’s spare time she loves to train horses and barrel race!

 Kimber- Team Lead

Kimber joined the pet resort pack in May 2018 after being a veterinary assistant at Woodland West Animal Hospital for over 2 years. Kimber provides a great amount of experience and animal medical knowledge to our team! Kimber always has a smile on her face and can make any dog or cat smile at any moment!

Kimber has 4 dogs: Nina, Wiz, Layla, and Dale. and 2 cats: Maisley and Kanye

Kayla- Pet Care Technician/ Receptionist

Kayla joined our pack back in October of 2017. Kayla loves taking selfies with all her favorite pet resort guests! Kayla is one of our main daycare photographers and also helps a lot at the front desk. Kayla loves to drive her race car in competitions on the weekends, fish, and listen to music.

She has 2 dogs: Daisy and Skyy


John Hilborn

John has been with pet resort for about 2 years. He is our main care taker of the special care unit and courtyard suite area. He is retired from teaching and now spends his days loving on the dogs. He owns 2 cats.


Amy has been with the pet resort for 9 years, everyone knows she is the face at the front desk. She specializes in customer service but will always lend a hand if help is needed. She owns 3 dogs, that she adores.

Margaret aka Peggy

Peggy has been with the pet resort for 5 years and has quickly moved up the ladder. She is our night time supervisor. Peggy also specializes in kennel care giver, doggie daycare and customer service. She has 3 dogs, a bird, and fish.